What type of books do we represent?

We specialize in representing and marketing unique authors in self-help, business, faith-based, young adult, true crime, real life inspirational stories, and suspense genres.

Who do we work with?

CEOs, creative geniuses, inspirational figures, small business owners, executives, leading experts, athletes, and young adult and suspense writers ready to build a global brand.

What else differentiates us?

Leading Firm

We are a leading firm for translating your manuscript into Spanish and getting Spanish rights sold.

Award winning

We can offer our clients in house PR, social media, author tour, branding, and design that gets them noticed to


Additionally, if you do not have a book proposal or you need one edited we offer you support

love projects

Finally, if we love your project, yet there is a lit agent that can better serve your needs we have a history of

Why do we have such a high placement rate?

We only work with high potential projects that we are passionate about. We know the type of platform, competitive analysis, quality of writing, and the differentiated needed to get you the best publishing offer possible. Your proposals are viewed by PR, marketing, and branding professionals to help ensure the sales and marketing team at the publisher will believe your book can do well. Modern publishing isn’t about just writing a great proposal. It is also giving the publisher confidence your book can sell. It is one battle to get an editor excited about your concept and a separate battle to convince the sales and marketing division that an offer should be made on the book.

What do we do in film and TV?

We specialize in the following:

  • Getting books optioned into film and TV. Our most recent project is The Pitcher by William Hazelgrove which was optioned for film in a six figure deal.
  • We help people with compelling film/TV concepts secure book deals to help them be better positioned for film/TV
  • We refine your ideas and help you put together a compelling log line and creative treatment.
  • We network on your behalf with studios, producers, and agents to land a deal for your project.

Some of our Featured Authors

Two time NY Times Best Selling Author over 2 million books sold

Omar Tyree

Koehler Books
Wiley Books
Simon & Schuster

Sold last company to Richard Branson and played a key role in taking three companies public.

Scott Duffy

Penguin Books

Former VP of Innovation for Dell and VP of Organizational Leadership for Motorola.

Fenorris Pearson

Agate Publishing

About Us

Leticia Gomez/Publisher/Acquisition Editor/Literary Agent/ and Published Author has been a leader in the publishing industry since 1993. During her successful career, she has published her own newspaper, authored and published three books, edited numerous fiction and nonfiction manuscripts written in both English and Spanish that have gone on to publication. Thus far in her career she has placed more than 60 books and counting with independent and mainstream publishers. She has worked with a variety of genre’s including Latino,

Business, Self Help, and Young Adult to name a few. Her Latino-themed stories and articles have been published in the Albuquerque Journal, Denver Post

Neal Lemlein is the former VP of Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Studios. He has marketed some of the most iconic films of all time including Star Wars and Aliens. He is a voting member of the Academy Awards, a former professor for USC, author, and public speaker.

Neal Lemlein

Contact Us

Leticia Gomez 302.450.4494 x 204
Ascendant Publishing offers the best self help, business, young adult, suspense, and latino representation. Leticia Gomez is a literary agent experienced in helping self help, business, young adult, suspense, and latino books find the best self help, business, young adult, suspense, and latino publishers. Ascendant also offers marketing support for self help, business, young adult, suspense, and latino authors. As a literary agent professional for self help, business, young adult, suspense, and latino authors. Leticia Gomez offers the best literary agent representation.